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Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Soaring Parts Affiliate Program.  You can join our Affiliate Program for free and start receiving 5% commission on every sale!

What Is An Affiliate Program?
Our free Affiliate Program allows you to make money by placing a special banner (using the code we provide) on your website.  When people come to your website, click on the banner they will be re-directed to our website.  As these people navigate our website, we track them using the special code from your website.  If visitor purchases from our website, you will receive a commission for transferring the user.  It's that simple!

Who Should Become An Affiliate?
Anyone can become a Soaring Parts Affiliate Partner but in order to really make any money using this program, you should be in the Aviation Industry at some level.  Examples of highly successful Affiliate Partners include: Airports, Aviation Clubs, Fixed Base Operators (FBOs), Airplane Toy Manufacturers, Hobbists, Aircraft and Parts Manufacturers, etc.
Sign Up To Be An Affiliate Partner
Your minutes away from become a Soaring Parts Affiliate Partner.  Once you complete our online form, we will activate your account.  You will be prompted to log into the "My Account" section of our website.  There you will see traffic from your site to ours, you will be able to orders that were sourced on your website and there is a journal of the commissions that you earn, payments we make to you, etc.


Affiliate Program Features

-5% Commission
-No Setup Fee
-No Inventory Requirement
-No Website Maintenance
-Add The Code To Your Website
-Start Making Money!
-Monthly Commission Payments

Watch Affiliate Video

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